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Providing innovative IT solutions to multi-billion dollar global corporations, early-stage companies and all businesses in-between, Popular Tech has the talented and skilled IT professionals you need to successfully and efficiently execute your company’s strategic vision. Innovation today requires more than simply the next big idea. It requires the assistance of accomplished professionals who can turn that idea into reality.

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In today’s competitive global economy, the difference between market innovation and market isolation is the delta between idea creation and idea delivery. You need the right people working on the right projects at the right time. You need Popular Tech. Popular Tech’s IT consulting services are designed to meet the specific needs of our varied client base. Our stable of talented IT professionals has the diverse qualifications critical to meeting our client’s specific technology goals.

Put simply, we deliver consultants with the right skills to most efficiently complete your IT projects. Popular Tech employs a rigorous 8-step process for evaluating all of our IT professionals. Utilizing this proven recruiting and vetting process, Popular Tech employs only the most highly skilled and experienced consultants to meet your specific IT project requirements.

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We understand the importance of recruiting talented, skilled and experienced IT professionals. We place the utmost importance on acquiring talent who will be capable of working effectively with all of our many clients. To that end, Popular Tech utilizes a comprehensive 8-step screening process.

8-step screening process designed to insure that our potential consultants meet our high standards of professional competence. The screening process is also an opportunity for our applicants

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