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Providing innovative IT solutions to multi-billion dollar global corporations, early-stage companies and all businesses in-between, Popular Tech has the talented and skilled IT professionals you need to successfully and efficiently execute your company’s strategic vision. Innovation today requires more than simply the next big idea. It requires the assistance of accomplished professionals who can turn that idea into reality.

Founded in 1997 to capitalize on the vast business opportunities in the burgeoning IT industry, Popular Tech has since established a large client base that includes numerous Fortune 500 companies. Critical to Popular Tech’s continued growth and success is the constant attention we give to building sustainable, long-term relationships with both our clients and our associates. Our highly skilled professionals are committed to total client satisfaction. We accomplish this goal via the implementation of sophisticated IT and business problem analysis processes along with a commitment to offering our clients the most efficient and cost-effective solutions available.

The cornerstone of our business is our growing staff of talented and highly skilled IT professionals. Popular Tech employs teams of well-qualified professionals in a wide range of fields including Banking and Finance, Healthcare, IT Services, Manufacturing, Insurance, Telecommunications, Engineering, Energy, Retail and Entertainment. Popular Tech’s commitment to working with the newest, most advanced technologies has consistently attracted top IT industry talent. Our profession als combine innovative problem solving approaches with a comprehensive knowledge of the latest technologies to produce robust and integrated business solutions. Our approach has made us an industry leader in Website and Software Development, IT consulting, and Technical Staffing.