Our certified experts offer expertise in a wide variety of technologies from Microsoft, Oracle, Java, IBM, and many others.

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Popular Tech utilizes both on-site and off-site software development to bring the newest and most advanced technologies to our clients. Many of our off-site software development projects are carried out at our state-of-the-art facility in Hyderabad, India. Our network of qualified IT professionals is global and we frequently utilize the best off-shore IT talent to successfully complete software development projects

Off-shore development yields several benefits including large savings in time and capital spent on client projects. Whether on-site or off-shore, Popular Tech IT professionals are committed to developing the highest quality software packages for our clients.

Popular Tech knows that the successful completion of development projects rests on four critical factors: experienced project management, talented and skilled manpower, access to technology infrastructure and rigorous quality monitoring. With experience on numerous international and domestic projects, we have the proven global resources needed to generate high-quality and cost-effective IT solutions via our off-shore assets.