Product Solutions

Popular Tech has proven reputation for offering best-in-class expertise in a wide variety of products. Our certified in-demand products have been developed using industry leading software from Microsoft, Oracle, Java, IBM, SAP and many others. Our vast understanding of IT will helps us turn our ideas into reality.

IT & Developer Tools

Fast Development

CommonSpot puts the fun back in developing by giving you the tools you need to be more creative, speed up the development process, and move with the pace of the market.


Administrators and developers have exceptional control over all aspects of site security. Whether CommonSpot's granular permissions, custom authentication capabilities, cross site scripting prevention, or its SSL support, CommonSpot was built as an enterprise scale application with security in mind.

Developer Tools & Technologies

CommonSpot offers a robust set of developer tools and technologies that you can leverage to go to market quickly and effectively. Whether it be by utilizing our open source Application Development Framework, or our 2,000+ method API, or over a dozen different tools, CommonSpot can help you develop solutions that meet your markets needs.

System Management & Development

CommonSpot offers a complete set of tools that make it highly compatible with best-of-breed and legacy systems, and adjustable to meet your unique business needs. From authentication, to distributed administration, to high performance caching, to security, you’ll find CommonSpot standards compliant, tested, proven, and secure.

Deployment Options

With CommonSpot you have flexible deployment options that will meet yours needs today and as you grow. Whether you want to run on-premises or in the cloud, on single or multiple servers, under Windows or Linux, or with SQL Server, Oracle or MySQL, we've got you covered.

Roles & Permissions

Managing website content is simple. Controlling content quality to protect your brand can be trickier. You need the ability to define the role users play and determine the tools they can use to manage web content. CommonSpot's granular permissions gives you the control you need.

Built Using ColdFusion

Looking to leverage your investment in ColdFusion? Look no further. CommonSpot harnesses the power of ColdFusion to your advantage. If ColdFusion is your program of choice for rapid application development, you'll love CommonSpot. Performing common functions and creating powerful applications is as simple as using ColdFusion, because it is using ColdFusion.